King Slayer Chess

KSC (King Slayer Chess) is a popular mobile based Chess app series which allows you to solve puzzles from a beginner to advance levels. It has simple but very intuitive user-friendly interfaces for various puzzle types. There are multiple puzzle versions available within the King Slayer Chess mobiles app series (please refer to various puzzle apps from beginner to advance levels mentioned below). The idea behind these puzzles stemmed from teaching novice learners to solve various chess puzzles, finding the best possible moves to play, with the objective that you always try to be in the position of advantage whenever playing competitive chess. This proven approach of carefully selecting simple to hard puzzles is to push any beginner to more advance chess playing levels. All our puzzles presented through these series of mobile apps push you towards learning the finer yet deeper intricacies of advance game playing techniques. The gradual learning in our mobile apps will allow you to improve your game standards from a beginner level chess player to more advance level player pushing you to think more intuitively when playing competition chess. King Slayer Chess series has these popular mobile apps available as follows,

  • King Slayer Chess - BP (Beginner Puzzles),
  • King Slayer Chess - MiO (Mate in One),
  • King Slayer Chess - MiT (Mate in Two),
  • King Slayer Chess - MiTH (Mate in Three) and
  • King Slayer Chess - MiF (Mate in Four)

Some of these puzzles have more than one approach. Push yourself towards finding different solutions, if possible. We have provided solutions for each puzzle presented in our app, try not to look at these solutions unless you have allowed significant effort in solving these puzzles. All our mobile app display the timer designed for each player in maximum time limit of 60 minutes.

Basic features


King Slayer Chess (KSC) series is any easy to use mobile app for progressing your chess playing skills to an advance level. The mobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices, which you may install on your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch) or Android (including Phone & Tablets) devices. Our puzzle series are designed to push your thought process and teaches you to play your best moves!

Piece Points Value Movements
Pawn 1 One square forward.One or two squares forward on initial move.One square forward diagonally to capture.
Knight 3 Two squares horizontally and one square vertically.Two squares vertically and one square horizontally.
Bishop 3 Any number of squares diagonally.
Rook 5 Any number or squares vertically or horizontally.
Queen 9 Any number of squares vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
King No Value One square vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

King Slayer Chess Puzzles Screen

Main Screen The app main screen takes you straight away into puzzle series pack, choose the appropriate puzzle from the listed puzzle pack available. A simple point and click will highlight the selection and launch the chess board to play. The game timer starts immediately the pieces for the respective puzzle are identified and placed correctly on the board.

Please note all puzzles are randomly placed and designed to allow the player to think intuitively. Some of these puzzles may have more than one solution, hence try the same puzzle with another approach and check if another solution exists.

Always analyze the board for piece placements starting with immediate threat to your King and then to your commanders. Safeguard them as they will help you to decide next best move.

All puzzles presented provide alternative move options to your opponent as well. Please note, there is no artificial intelligence built in this game and you have to choose as your own opponent playing the best opposing move as well. This simple approach pushes you to play your best where your favorite opponent may already know your tricks! Since your best moves are known only to you this approach pushes you to alternative thinking.

We have provided solutions to each puzzle. Although it’s important that you allow yourself enough effort before you start looking for solution to your puzzle. KSC (King Slayer Chess) series puzzles may have multiple solutions, hence don’t forget to try with another approach and see if a better solution exists.

Solutions To Puzzles

Adding an ItemSolutions to each puzzle is grouped as per the puzzle type in this section.

It's is very important not to look for solutions without giving your best efforts to solve the puzzle.

Tip: All solutions default to White player playing first. There are exceptions hence don't forget to check the message box, displayed at the top of the Chess board when it is initially setup for your game play. Although solutions are provided for every puzzle, but it certainly doesn't means that it is the only solution. Push yourself to look for another way to solve the puzzle.

All solutions are provided in standard Portable Game Notation (PGN).

For all King Slayer Chess puzzles like Mate in Two (MiT), Mate in Three (MiTH) and Mate in Four (MiF) moves each move is segregated by the move# to separate each move.

The solution provided here gives you a chance to get a deeper understanding of the solution to the puzzles. If you failed to solve a a puzzle, it is a good chance to learn and explore why your solution didn’t work and go through the listed solution.

Advanced features

Game Statistics

Item as IconThere are multiple ways we could have collected the game statistics. We decided to highlight the most important one which anytime some one plays a puzzle may want to look for!

We decided to choose the total game timer has the most effect hence the same is translated as the best representation of your fast but critical thinking. Additionally we do list out the total moves and the player primary color choice (reserved for advance game plays with full setup)

Tip: Game statistics are valuable tools to analyze your playing prowess. We have purposefully concentrated on the total game times as the best tool to see if you could think critically in the most effective way but in the shortest possible times. Compare these timings with your friends and certainly boast about your best times.


Delete All Saved Game Statistics

Item as IconSometimes you may have a need where you wish to just reset! For this very purpose we have created the button for deleting all saved game statistics. This action permanently deletes all saved game statistics from your mobile device permanently.

Tip: Button click on 'Erase All Game Statistics' is a permanent action meaning data is permanently lost and can't be recovered in any circumstances by the King Slayer Chess mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of popularly asked questions related to King Slayer Chess app series. While we have tried answering all questions to best of our abilities, there may be an opportunity of an improvement. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. We will try our level best to answer the same as-soon-as-possible (ASAP).

This is related to how mobile applications render a visible screen. They usually get attached/instantiated once and then await it's destruction usually at the closing of the mobile application itself. Subsequent start of the same mobile application will load all saved data immediately though. Alternatively, we have designed a page refresh option by simply pulling down on your game statistics screen to refresh your screen and display any new saved game statistics. We don't copy any data outside of your mobile app in King Slayer Chess series hence all data is maintained locally.

Ofcourse, we carefully developed multiple chess puzzle packs each pushing you to allow more critical thinking. While, some puzzles may sound very easy to you but we guarantee you some puzzles will certainly make you think harder. Look out for more puzzle packs in your mobile app store. We don't display any advertisements hence your game play is uninterrupted and your game playing experience will allow you to play your best move.

Our game experience is designed to be played in same fashion in both Android and Apple devices. You may select light mode or dark mode selections as per your devices settings. The same King Slayer Chess puzzle packs are available in Android and Apple supported devices. The tablet playing experience is more rewarding due to bigger screen sizes. Hence do try the iPad/tablet experience.