List My Shopping

LMS (List My Shopping) is a popular mobile app to list your shopping items through a simple user-friendly interface. It's designed to meet and maintain end user expectations for any shopping experience. No more forgetting any items, no more revisiting the store for forgotten items and no more mixing shopping brands. This mobile app is a helpful tool to meet your day-to-day shopping experience on Android and/or Apple devices. No need for any monthly subscriptions or onetime payment, this free app will certainly enhance your shopping experience! Use it to create a checklist of questions to ask your School Counsellor or your Doctor and cross off once done.

Basic features


List My Shopping (LMS) is any easy to use mobile app which you may install on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch) or Android (including Phone & Tablets) devices. App boasts of its simple intuitive interface which is our attempt to simplify your shopping experience.

Basic Usage

Main Screen When you first launch LMS app, you’ll see a list of default shopping items namely Milk, Eggs and Bread. We understand these are essential commodities which everyone shops for and you really don't want to forget the same, hence the reason to make them as default entries. You may although remove them from your current shopping list by simply swiping right-to-left on the item entry itself and then clicking on Remove option.

Each shopping list contains the items that you want to buy in your next shopping trip to the store. Traditionally we would make this list on a piece of paper, which may have its own challenges related to how to manage the items in the list while shopping hence the reason we created 'List My Shopping' App. As you are shopping and putting an item into your cart, tap the item in the shopping list and it would automatically get crossed off, just like the way you would do with a paper list.

Create your shopping list as per the store you plan to visit, such as one for “Target” and another one for “WalMart”. You can also create lists that aren’t store-related, such as a list of wines you want to buy (anywhere). And in fact some people create lists that aren’t shopping-related at all, such as a list of things to bring camping, questions to ask their physicians, to-do lists, etc.

It’s important that you associate your shopping items with any store or category (departments within the store) if you wish to leverage the options to sort your list either based upon category or store. This helps you group your items as per the departmental layout of the store or segregates your items based upon different stores for easy navigation within the store.

Adding Items

Adding an ItemAdding item to the current shopping list is extremely simple. Simply start entering the item you wish to in the entry provided on the main screen and click on the 'Add Shopping Item' for example, “Cereal”.

Tip: Modern smart phones sometimes may show an icon for the item you just typed. Feel free to select that icon as presented in your smart phone. The list will accept that entry. This is a popular way to use in-built image features of your smart phone for quick references.

Item as Icon

Adding Item Details

Item DetailsAdding item details, while not mandatory, helps you say, pick the right item off the shelf! Adding information related to brand details (manufacturer name) like Kellogs, Pepsi can then help you identify the right item to purchase. Additionally do identify which type (shopping item characteristics) say like 'Frosted Flakes' for cereal or 'Diet Pepsi Fanta' further help you pick the correct item. Selecting measurements, store name and category (departments within the store) then allows you to sort your shopping list in the right order to improve your shopping experience.

No need to click on any buttons when entering the shopping item details, we save your changes as you type and confirm the entry by displaying a table at the bottom of the screen. Simply click on 'Go Back' button once done to identify the item selected with appropriate details later. Don't forget to save the item by swipping left-to-right on the primary shopping list screen to save the item for any future shopping experience and adding it back to the list.

Cross-Off Purchased Items

Item as IconWhile shopping you’ll want to cross items off your list as you add them to your shopping cart. Cross item off by simply tapping them once. This marks them with a horizontal cross-off line marking the item as purchased. Made a mistake or tapped by accident, then simply tap it again and it will get back to become un-crossed. Cross-Off feature is a toggle switch and extremely helpful tool for identifying items you have already purchased.

Advanced features

Saving Items

Item as IconBy default all new items are temporary added are for current shopping experience. If you'd like to persist or save the item for later use, so that you don't have to retype all the details of the item again we have a helpful feature to make that item be saved for future. Simply left-to-right swipe on the item you wish to save and click on the save button.

Tip: Item saved only retains the state at that moment of its persistence. If any further changes are made to item then the save button must be clicked again to save the new changes.

Item Deletion

Item as IconIndividual item when no longer required may then be permanently deleted from your local mobile device. This action is a permanent action and will simply delete the saved item and its details permanently.

Tip: Don't forget to refresh the current shopping main screen to remove the deleted item from your existing shopping list.


Item as IconItems when saved reside in your local mobile device even after your app has been closed. In order to show the item back on the main screen (your current shopping list) the item must be marked as favorite! Favorite selection is available in the 'Saved Items' section of your mobile app.

Tip: Favorites button acts as a toggle switch. Pull out any items marked as favorite in the main shopping screen based upon the favorite flag.


Delete All Saved Items

Item as IconSometimes you may have a need where you wish to just reset! For this very purpose we have created the button for deleting all saved items. This action permanently deletes all saved items from your mobile device.

Tip: Button click on 'Delete All Items' is a permanent action meaning data is permanently lost and can't be recovered in any circumstances by the LMS app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of popularly asked questions related to LMS app. While we have tried answering all questions to best of our abilities, there may be an opportunity of an improvement. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. We will try our level best to answer the same ASAP.

Unfortunately for this issue we landed into the mobile platform capabilities to refresh the list properly. As an alternative tap on the updated item once and you would see the changes you entered. One way to overcome the same is to tap the updated item once, then tap another item above or below the updated item and then tap the updated item again. The change should now get reflected on the primary shopping screen.

This is actually not a bug but just a reflection of 2 separate lists which are displaying the items. In order to remove the item from main Shopping list simply swipe right-to-left and then click on remove button to remove the item from the list.