Grocery App

Grocery AppWelcome to the Grocery List App! This user guide will help you navigate through the features and functionalities of the app to make your grocery shopping experience more organized and efficient.

WARNING: BuyGrocery app on Android devices is now discontinued. We highly recommend 'List My Shopping' mobile App (available on Apple/Android devices) designed for its simplicity and ease of use for any typr of list for at the moment reference!

Shopping List

  • Adding Shopping Items - Use the ‘Enter grocery item..’ entry to add an item to your grocery list. As an example item entry could be Apples, Milk, Bread etc
  • Item Details - Swipe left-to-right on the item added to specify the brand, type, quantity, and store name for the item. As an example for item in your shopping list says Apples. Then you may enter brand as 'Fiji Apples', type as 'Sweet as nectar', quantity as 6 and store as 'Walmart'.
  • Deleting Items - Swipe right-to-left to delete the item permanently from the list.
  • Shopped Items - Simply tap once to cross of the existing item from the list or tap it again to bring it back to the list.
  • Manage recently shopped lists – All previously shopped lists are maintained locally on your device. Simply identify the list based upon the time stamp it was created on and double-tap to see the items in the list.
  • Add items directly from recently shopped lists – After double-tapping the identified recent shopping list. Doubel-tap again on any individual item to add the same to your current shopping list.